Our mission

Smart investments require smartest tools

Our trading algorithms are used to conduct transactions on a large number of exchanges and payment gateways. In order to bring the investment process to a new level, a smart contract was developed that protects the interests of external investors and ensures timely receipt of dividends from our investment clients.


What's our invest

The interaction of the investor with “Exima” on the “Exima Trade” platform is governed by the open smart contract for the BTC & ETH currency, it is available for auditing any technical specialist or investor, he only needs to know the programming language Soludity. The investor of the “Exima Trade” platform can create deposits from its cryptocurrency addresses and receive dividends every day to the address from which the deposit was created, a deposit is opened. An investor can invest BTC or ETH from his permanent address of these cryptocurrencies, a smart contract remembers it and pays dividends from the work of Exima on it every day, they do not settle in your personal account, they are not available for withdrawal on certain days or hours, they come to your personal address every day with our smart contract.


Last deposits

15 last transactions to our smart-contract
0x757800f4ff77563f7e47331f522666f857f25f870.70000000 ETH
0x757800f4ff77563f7e47331f522666f857f25f870.30000000 ETH
0xdb64f1fa3b15e4a57f7ccc0350fc3d7ec7f2b2f50.17200000 ETH
0xbb6160ed65903219677850f2cc513c2a8e892e130.22699990 ETH
1F9Sqafkhukg2E6VEFqm26tQYEt7KjT4We0.04100000 BTC
0xbb6160ed65903219677850f2cc513c2a8e892e130.22900000 ETH
0xca94492f2bcafcef7715de623e8eaa00f879dd4e0.20000000 ETH
1PMdkAzxsBdpwrh5Ezz6ro5GwDu9uPCXXf0.03296065 BTC
0x8755b5ff303ed5965811b1d6c8ed54adbbc0fbe81.54700000 ETH
0x1464367160136a73ab19292790e0db95b7ce94fe0.50000000 ETH
0x1715faccc63ae63e078b662977ab954c7a5c32df0.16101041 ETH
0x4419fed724bd5f85f8b2b510ace7d800261651300.17000000 ETH
0x162ea465b022e547d6c07c3b1bcd6718979329e70.16045845 ETH
1AaeSySBC7Y7gA23F46axiNkpc6bzJgbac0.02000000 BTC
16SmQRQ9vFRoWT9hdctKDPNbUhZp7Y4WZP0.06600000 BTC

Last payouts

10 last payout transactions from our smart-contract
Exima Payout0.01395 ETH0x757800f4ff77563f7e47331f522666f857f25f87Payed
Exima Payout0.007998 ETH0xdb64f1fa3b15e4a57f7ccc0350fc3d7ec7f2b2f5Payed
Exima Payout0.01055549535 ETH0xbb6160ed65903219677850f2cc513c2a8e892e13Payed
Exima Payout0.0019065 BTC1F9Sqafkhukg2E6VEFqm26tQYEt7KjT4WePayed
Exima Payout0.0106485 ETH0xbb6160ed65903219677850f2cc513c2a8e892e13Payed
Exima Payout0.001532670225 BTC1PMdkAzxsBdpwrh5Ezz6ro5GwDu9uPCXXfPayed
Exima Payout0.0719355 ETH0x8755b5ff303ed5965811b1d6c8ed54adbbc0fbe8Payed
Exima Payout0.02325 ETH0x1464367160136a73ab19292790e0db95b7ce94fePayed
Exima Payout0.007486984065 ETH0x1715faccc63ae63e078b662977ab954c7a5c32dfPayed
Exima Payout0.007905 ETH0x4419fed724bd5f85f8b2b510ace7d80026165130Payed
Exima Payout0.007461317925 ETH0x162ea465b022e547d6c07c3b1bcd6718979329e7Payed
Exima Payout0.00093 BTC1AaeSySBC7Y7gA23F46axiNkpc6bzJgbacPayed
Exima Payout0.003069 BTC16SmQRQ9vFRoWT9hdctKDPNbUhZp7Y4WZPPayed

Send transaction

Send transaction to our smart contract's address


Smart Contract create new deposit

Smart Contract checks the conditions of the transfer and calculates all the necessary parameters of the deposit term, percentage...


You get your profit

Every 3 days you will receive a percentage of your deposit in the form of a devident from the work of our system.

Simple rules

Instructions for work with Exima

To guarantee the receipt of dividends from the work of Exima, each investor is obliged to follow these instructions, their observance guarantees the investor an everyday profit.
In the case of non-compliance with these conditions, you have risk lose your investment funds without returning.

- Users should invest from self cryptocurrency addresses (you have full access to this wallet);
- Cryptocurrency addresses of users should be static and not one-time;
- In the case of investing below the limit, you have risks losing founds;
The minimum investment amount is $50 for ETH or $150 for BTC;
- Technical support of the project willn't be able to help you in case of non-observance of these simple rules;

We recommend use wallets:
Deposit plan

We created beautiful solution.

Best match

Aggressive Plan

From 0.015 BTC ($150)


From 0.23 ETH ($50)

  • 100 days for full close
  • Profit 155% 💰
  • 1,55% per day
  • payout every 3 days ⏲
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Have any questions?

Who you are?

Exima is decentralized investment platform for trust management of your investments.

Can I register?

On the Exima platform, registration is not required. Investors interact with the Exima algorithm through cryptocurrency addresses and smart contract.
You get payback to address witch used for creating deposit.

How to invest?

Just send coins to our smart-contract address.
After receiving coins our contract will start your deposit plan and will pay part of your profit every 3 days for along 100 days.
You can find payment and receiving logs on the top of this site.

How does a smart contract work?

Investments on the Exima Trade platform are made through the creation of deposits. 50% of the deposit freezed on the smart contract for investor insurance, other part (50%) sent to trading AI account. After each successful transaction, Exima sends dividends to the smart contract account, which distributes all dividends between investors according to their plans.

Is it Ethereum technology?

No it's not. Our smart contract based on another technology and only thanks to this contract can accept more than one coin.
In the future we will update our payment conditions and try to implement bank cards.

It's safe?

Yes, there is no safer deal on the Internet, a smart contract guarantees the legality and execution of payments and conditions of a smart contract. Neither of the parties to the transaction can access the smart contract account until the fulfillment of the obligations of both parties is completed. The hackes also will not be able to access the accounts of the smart contract and its management system programmatically. Since the specified parameters are not subject to change after the launch of the smart contract.

Do Exima Trade have an affiliate program?

No, since the project is governed by a smart contract, we cannot monitor partner deductions.

Where are dividends calculated?

To guarantee to receive dividends, you need to create a permanent address on the cryptoplatform or wallet and invest from this cryptocurrency address, a smart contract will remember your address and will charge dividends on it according to your plan.